2013. július 16., kedd

Kifissia, Athén

A Wikipédia a következő leírást adja Kifissia negyedről, ami Athénben a Rózsadomb, vagy Pararét, de legalábbis a legelőkelőbb városrész. Itt lakik a jelenlegi miniszterelnök :Antonio Szamarasz is, az ÚDP vezetője.

A görög katonai büszkeség jele egy Kifissiai parkban

Kifissiai utca

Görög polgári büszkeség, nemzeti zászló a kertben

Kifisia (Greek: Κηφισιά, pronounced [cifiˈsja]Ancient Greek: Κηφισία; LatinCephisia) is one of the most expensive[2] northern suburbs of AthensGreece. It is mainly accessed via Kifisias Avenue, running all the way from central Athens up to Theseos Avenue in the suburb of Nea Erythraia. It has traditionally been home to the major Greek political families. It is home to the Athens Metro Line 1 terminal station. The Cephissus river runs to the west of Kifisia; half of the municipality is taken up by part of the Penteli mountain; the rest is made up of elegant urban areas to the west, surrounded by popular and upmarket areas such as Kefallari and Politeia to the north, and Nea Kifisia to the south-west. Kifisia is a famous recreational neighbourhood for people of all ages (but mostly teenagers) from all over Athens, because of its many available forms of entertainment; the Cinemax Cinemas, the Kifisia Bowling Center, numerous more fashionable shopping malls, as well as many smaller designer shops and upmarket restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It is also home to the Kefalari Park, a popular place for young people to socialize.

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